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As a businessman, joining the Palestinian Business Forum creates the chance for you to:

1. Meet other business owners who are also members of the Forum working   in the same field or other areas.

2. Benefit from the Forum’s relationship with unions,   engineering bodies, and chambers of commerce.

3. Meet other non-Palestinian businessmen and take advantage from   common work councils that the Forum seeks to establish.

4.  Keep in touch with trade and investment opportunities that the Forum seeks to provide

5. Advertise via PBF’s website for nominal wages

6. Introduce your company and its products during various meetings and events through distributing   brochures and business cards or other promoting materials.

7. Participate in the annual business directory which will be distributed in many countries.

8.  Free subscription to “Tawasol” monthly magazine to publish news as well as economic and social topics.


9. Free subscription to “Kholasat” magazine which provides a summary of the international well known books in the field of management.  You will get two volumes per a month.

10. Free subscription to “Al-Mukhtar Al-Idari
” monthly magazine which includes the latest articles and the most recent international perspectives in the field of management and business development.

11. Free subscription to “Elaaqat,” monthly magazine that picks  the best of what has been issued globally in the field of human relations, work, clients and social relations.

12. Get acquainted with updated investment laws in Palestine and more than 20 other countries.

Businessmen high five each other

13. Get introduced to import / export laws and customs system in countries you are planning to deal with commercially.

14. Participate in annual exhibitions and global economic conferences.

15. Enjoy the good chance to meet other businessmen in PBF’s annually organized conference.

 16. Receive data and investment opportunities in  Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. 

17. Keep in touch with feasibility studies for a number of strategic projects prepared by a research team specialized in the Palestinian territories.

18. Recognize all investment and development opportunities for all the projects adopted by the Forum to be marketed

.19. Benefit from the contract signed between the Forum and   “Work without Borders – London” through employing qualified workers from remote places.

20. Utilize economic reports specialized in the Palestinian reality and economy prepared specialized researchers.

21. Keep updated with Jerusalem investment projects as well as consulting several trustworthy institutions for technical advice.

22. Free subscription to (montada sms) service to be introduced to different concepts.

23. Benefit from lectures and courses that will be arranged for the members’ children

 24. Take an advantage from “Academy of Tomorrow’s Leaders” programs that are dedicated to qualify Palestinian young generations at home and abroad. 

25. Take an advantage from youth conferences organized by the Forum or promoted by the associations and federations that maintain a cooperative relationship with the forum.

26. Promote the member’s company and its products in various events through distributing brochures, business cards, and other advertising materials.

27. Participate in social activities held by administrations which aim to gather businessmen and introduce them and their products.

28. Get enrolled in the training courses organized by the administrations in different areas in cooperation with the central training committee

29. Constantly benefit from the Bank of information and e-courses that will be uploaded to the e-Forum site.

30. Announce private investment opportunities; then to search for partners / collaborators / sponsors.